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About Steelers Choice

Hello - My name is Dan Rollans and I am the owner of Steelers Choice. I began playing steel guitar at the age of 15 after watching my dad play while growing up. My first steel guitar was a BMI S-10 custom built by Zane Beck. I currently play an S-12 with Zane Beck E9/6th tuning.

Steelers Choice was started as Mark IV Sound by my dad, Kenn Rollans, in 1978. After a lower back injury resulting from an accident, Dad designed the Easy Rider with an optional back support system on a seat which he shared at the International Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis around 1977 and that was the beginning of the company.

I designed the SideKick model in 1989 when I was playing full time and found a need to be able to access strings, picks, tools, etc. while remaining seated.  

It was also around this time that Dad and I went together as partners and renamed the company from Mark IV Sound to Steelers Choice.

We continued as partners until Dad retired in 2006. Dad remained involved with shows and marketing until he passed away November 13, 2013.

Combined sales, as of 2022, we have produced over 8,500 seats for the Steel Guitar community, professional and non-professional, worldwide.  I continue to provide the same quality of product that Dad developed and would be proud of to this day. 
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Original Easy Rider

1994 ISGC St.Louis, Mo

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